About Me
I am Australian born of British descent living in Algeria since 2014. I ended up here because I married an Algerian. We had children, and therefore it was essential to bring them up to identify with all of their heritage.
There are currently three bodies of work in this portfolio. "Living Between Worlds - Algeria", "The Ordinary Effect" and "Food and Culture". The collections are not finite but continually growing as I discover and rediscover.
I've moved houses multiple times, lived in a few different countries, changed my lifestyle, morphed and continuously challenged my understanding of how life "should be". Of course, none more than living in Algeria.
Photography is the exploration of the inner self. No one else can see this or understand it the same way as you. Like when you are dreaming, most of the time it doesn't make sense. However, with time we begin to understand what is going on in our minds. It responds by revealing an inner emotional connection.
My brain is always working through a stage of culture shock. If you see photos of a trip to Algiers and the magnificent architecture, behind the scenes, it's my excitement at moving and the exploration of new and different things. Similarly, I will go through patches of sharing images from Australia as I remember home and how I was bought up. The dilemma that many people of mixed marriages must go through when one is living away from their home of origin.
Henceforth, these collections have become something personally profound. In amongst the chaos of life is the story of trying to live in an authentic, pure, ordinary way and raise multicultural children. Each photo reveals who I am. In particular, finding beauty in everything and being grateful for the little things. Also, knowing and taking joy in not fitting into one specific place but living life between worlds.