Algiers - Located in Riadh el Feth Square near the Martyrs Monument. Contains well presented military memorablia and a descriptive history.
As seen from inside Jardin D'Essai du Hammada, Algiers is the Maqam Echahid Monument Commemorating Algeria's war for independence against the French
One of the most iconic buildings in Algiers. Built with a moorish style in 1910. It has now been transformed into post and communications museum.
This was once the entrance to the Tafourah Metro Station in Algiers.
From the front footsteps of the Grande Poste in Algiers featuring the moorish design of its architecture.
Situated near the famous Algiers Milk Bar that was bombed by the FLN in 1957. It was to replace the statue of a French Marshal.
Algiers is known as the white city but nestled amoungst it all you will find plenty of colour.
also known as MAMA situated in the heart of Algiers
Many of the buildings of Algiers following Haussmanns' designs in Paris
Algiers Stairs
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