The only way to get the rubbish out of the Casbah in Algiers
Ornate doors found in the Casbah of Algiers
Crumbling housing structures in the Casbah, Algiers
Every twist and turn of the Casbah brings a new and interesting scenes
Children playing outside.
Casbah Cobbled Stairs and Potted Trees
One of the Casbahs' most famous in his wood workshop
Also a mausoleum this is the resting place of many famous people including its patron saint Sidi Aberrhamane. Inside are many gifts and chandeliers given by women seeking protection.
The unique style of water taps dotted through the casbah
Decorative arches linking synonomous with the North African region linking the Casbah buildings
Showing the state of disrepair of the buildings in the casbah
Distance education offices in the lower Casbah
The dome to the right of the image is the Ketchaoua Mosque built in 1794 with its two minarets out the front. In the centre of the image is Mosque el Djedid with its cupola point on the clock tower built in 1660 by the Turkish and to the left of the image where you see the row of arches is the Grand Mosque, Mosque El Kébir is the oldest which was rebuild in 1794
Most of the buildings are painted a shade of white with teal/blue finishes.
Streets of the Casbah
Reinforcements being used to keep the Casbah buildings from colapsing whilst they undergo extensive structural repairs
Casbah Homes with Scooter
Busy Streets of the Lower Casbah
Tourists at the Copper Shop
A famous location within the Casbah selling copperworks to tourists
Scene looking up into the market of the lower Casbah in Algiers
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