Musem de l'Armee - Located in Riadh el Feth Square near the Martyrs Monument. Contains well presented military memorablia and a descriptive history.
Maqam Echahid Monument - Viewed from inside Jardin D'Essai, Algiers. Commonly know as the Marytrs Memorial Commemorating Algeria's war for independence against the French
Found 660 m above the sea level is the burial ground of the Patron Saint of Bejaia. The fort was originally built by the Spaniards in the 16th century.
Ben Aknoun Amusement Park - the bumper car ride
Jardin D'Essai Fountain
Djurdjura form part of the Altlas mountain ranges in Tikjda, Algeria
trecking the snow covered mountain tops of Tikjda on the Djurdjura range in Algeria
A small red house at the base of one of the mountain peaks in Tikjda, Algeria
located between Biskra and Batna, lined with palm trees and rock formations
Mchouneche, Biskra, Algeria
The stairs leading down the bottom of Goufi Canyon in Batna, Algeria
Rocky coastline at the site of tipaza's ancient Roman Ruins in Algeria
One of my favourite places on the drive from Bejaia to Algiers in Algeria. The forest road with what seems like endless store of traditional pottery, jewellry and clothes
The ships waiting in the Gulf of Bejaia, Algeria
From Cap Carbon in Bejaia, Algeria
The port of Bejaia and a strip of restaurants in an area called Bris de Mer
Hidden away in here are the Beachfront Capritour holidappartments in Bejaia.
The moutain drive from bejaia to Algiers in Algeria will bring you into forest terrain, where you'll find a large monkey population. Its beautiful and there are plenty of walks you can take. This is near the Hotel Tamgout.
The best time to hit the beach is before the midday sun and the crowds. This is at Melbou Plage in the Gulf of Bejaia, Algeria
Selling Melons
The East of Algeria is a large producer of olive oil and traditional Huilerie's are dotted throughout the Kayble region. Its not uncommon to for someone to have a couple of olives trees in their yard which could yeild as much as 70 ltrs of oil.
A part of a series about the journey from the East of Algeria towards the province of Algiers. An experience with the view from the car window.
in the Bejaia region are the Aokas Caves. Open only during the summer for a couple of hours a day the entrance in located in a vehicular tunnel of all places.
Girl wearing traditional Kayble clothing in the Bejaia Region, Algeria
I have a fascination with homes and their style. In Algeria you will regularly find marble tiled floor, tiled walls, wraught iron balistrades etc.
This is the home in the region of Bejaia, Algeria where my mother-in-law was born and grew up.
A village in the region of Bejaia, Algeria
Mountain ranges in Tizi Ouzu, Algeria
A rainy journey through the Tizi Ouzu region of Algeria
Place Guidon
Looking through a door in the region of Bejaia.
La Grand Poste, Algiers - One of the most iconic buildings in the city centre. Built with a moorish style in 1910. It has now been transformed into post and communications museum.
Emir Abdelkader Place - A religious and military leader who fought against French colonial invasion in the mid 19th century. Well respected in his regards for human and religious rights especially towards the Christian community.
French Architecture Algiers - Many of the buildings of Algiers echo the Haussmanns' designs in Paris
A tea house in Ruisseau Des Singes, Chiffa, Algeria
These guys are from Chiffa, Blida province of Algeria but who knew that there were so many monkeys here!
Light of the Ficus
A canopy of fig trees in Jardin d'Essai in Algeria, a popular botanical gardens in the capital.
Jardin D'Essai in Algiers was designed by the French to test plants potential for growth within the region. As a result there are many beautiful greenhouses spread throughout gardens.
The green house in Jardin d'Essai, Algiers
Centre d'accueil et d'orientation in Jardin D'Essai du Hamma, Algiers
Found in Jardin D'Essai, Algiers
whilst the snow and fog roll in on the Chrea mountain top in Algeria
The snow has yet to arrive to the Chrea National Park. A few more weeks of green lush forest oversea the Atlas Mountain Range in Algeria
The forest turned to a playing field of snow during the winter months in Chrea, Algeria
in the Chrea mountain region of Algeria
The Minarets from a Mosque in the Blida region of Algeria
Casbah Cobbled Stairs and Potted Trees
Ornate doors found in the Casbah of Algiers
Children playing outside.
Every twist and turn of the Casbah brings a new and interesting scenes
One of the Casbahs' most famous in his wood workshop
The only way to get the rubbish out of the Casbah in Algiers
Crumbling housing structures in the Casbah, Algiers
Algeria makes it to the second round in the World Cup 2014.
Highlighting the architecture in Sidi Fredj, Algeria.
In Sidi Fredj, Algeria arches are a prominant feature of the architecture
The architectural style from Sidi Fredj in Algeria has the most beautiful arches
The Sidi Fredj Marina in Algeria.
on the Pier at Sidi Fedj, Algeria
Afternoon coffee is an essential part of everyday life in Algeria. Usually between the hours of 3-5pm.
A bride always has prime seating position to greet people and be admired at her wedding.
Yellow Renault
Chorba being poured into a tarine for a wedding
A regular street scene in Algeria with the shop that sells newspapers, perfume, cigarettes, phone credit and the cafe next door.
Islamic celebration with the slaughtering of a sheep for Eid El Adha
Playing dominoes in Algeria is a popular past time for men when they get together.
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