Remember what is was like to dress up and play without it having to have some kind of a meaning. Life has become so serious and the things we do as a child categorises us. So play for the sake of play. Dream for the sake of dreaming and imagine anything you can because you can before someone tells you it's wrong.
Rain on the Window
Retreating Waves
Green Cats Eyes
The hot summer sun beams through the grapevine casting shadows in Algeria
The high and bright sun creates and impression of a Jasmine plant with its shadow.
Autumn Gardens
Late Night Crepes
The Arc de Triomphe and the Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris
Arc du Triomphe Stairs
Inside the Arc de Triomphe
Fatima loves to touch peoples hands and stroke there clothes
Found in Jardin D'Essai, Algiers
Baby Duck
lights beam though french style window shutters
Spotted Feather
An artichoke growing in a field in Algeria
flowers with a pinhole effect
French style windows and shutters on a colonial style house in Algeria
This one was for Kingsley. Its our wall and this was playing with some split toning which seems to be what is applied in a lot of different presets that I have. Also its a lot of contrast, clarity and some added saturation. I did try our corrigated iron frence out the back inspired by kingsley's with the green behind it but i was lazy and it required more work than I was willing to give it. So I found lovely patch on the concrete wall that was full of character.
some interesting sealife on this mussel.
Bird on a Grapevine
Getting ready for visitors
From Paradise Country. One of the Gold Coast, Australia's tourist attractions.
Queensland Wheat Fields
Queensland Wheat Fields
Australia: Wheat fields in Queensland near Toowoomba
Cystal Clear and icy cold water just well placed in the searing heat. Unfortunately you can't drink it!!
A tree with many uses. It stores water between the bark and the trunk and great as a food source and shade.
the Australian Motor Inn represents a unique style of accomodation.
When the temperature explodes the slip and slide is a great way to go.
Its almost like looking out of the observation deck of a spaceship. One of the many beautiful walkways leading from Southband into Brisbane City in Australia
The late afternoon sun casts its warm glow over Brisbane City
Enchanted Forest
The Dart river near Chinamans Bluff close to Glenorchy New Zealand
The Streets of Paris December 2012
A corrugated iron shed located near Mapleton in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands.
Le Petit Bar
One of the ornate bridges of Paris
Dad enjoying a meal at Sacre Cœr.
A small theatre / cinema outside of Paris.
Pigeons on a lamp post looking towards the Marche Saint Pierre in Sacré Cœur
A typical Parisian street on the way down the hill from the Basilica and Sacré-Cœur
The Road to Somewhere
Steeple on a house in the small French village Vallieres les Grandes
At the Brisbane show grounds, Australia yearly exhibition
The Ferris Wheel
A famous medieviil street In York, North Yorkshire, England called the shambles and featuring overhanging timber frames.
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